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Dahua with webeyecms

Webeye is an ECO+ partner with Dahua. It improves the intelligence from your CCTV without increasing overheads.

Prevent theft from vans and mobile environments

The battery powered webeyefog is a small device that can be easily fitted in mobile environments such as vans, boats and caravans. It works with the AJAX mobile app and triggers upon intrusion to fill the space quickly in a dense cloaking smoke.

NEW webeyecms v3.2 with enhanced features and two-way audio

With webeyecms v3.2 you can now voice challenge an intruder on site directly through the new two way audio function. It will turn your system into an auditory deterrent.

Intruders can't steal what they can't see!

The webeyefog system is a small device that can trigger upon intrusion which then fills a large room with a smokescreen that stops intruders in their tracks. It is an ideal solution to protect shops, jewellers and banks.

webeyefog Scenarios

webeyefog is ideal to protect shops, offices, vehicles or any environment you need to deter intruders or threats. The document is a guide to the various scenarios they could be applied.

What is webeyecms?

Explains the features benefits of the worlds best cloud monitoring and alarm platform.

webeyecms infographic

Diagram to show the unique processes of webeyecms to make it the world's best cloud monitoring and alarm platform.


See how webeyesos can improve guard and lone worker safety. The optional 'track me' is a great management tool to help you monitor staff whereabouts. Read about the enhanced 'mandown' and 'check-in' functions which improve the already comprehensive safety features.

For the guarding industry

Whether you operate locally, regionally, nationally or globally you can't afford not to download brochure to see how we can increase you efficiency and profitability.


A brief introduction to the all-in-one security system integrated with webeye secure alarm delivery.

Webeye and Avigilon

Avigilon high-definition surveillance solutions are now configured into webeyecms

Webeye and Videofied for Outdoor Security

VIDEOFIED from Webeye is the ideal solution for outdoor sites

Webeye and Videofied for Vacant Properties

VIDEOFIED from Webeye is the ideal solution for vacant property security

Hikvision with webeyecms

ideal to improve response and reduce false alarms

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