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Webeye | security solutions for construction and void properties

Webeye has a range of solutions tailored to protect and monitor void property, construction and remote sites which enable you to monitor them from wherever you are.

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Reduce costs

Video verification combined with automated monitoring is a smart and low-cost solution to increase site security..


Protection 24/7

Because of our unique checks and balances the platform is inherently reliable and robust. To date we've never had a total system failure.


Easy to install

We have battery powered and totally wireless products. They work out of the box and our guys are on hand to guide you through for quick and trouble free installation.


Catch the criminal!

Use Webeye to monitor the site and the system will alert you of any intrusion. The visual evidence is all you need to call the police.

An efficient, versatile solution for your construction or remote site.

Since construction sites, compounds, substations and most outdoor sites are uncontrolled environments, video verification is especially important to eliminate costly false alarms.

Our systems are ideal for when no mains power is available, during the early stages on a construction site for example. Our alarm systems are battery powered and wireless so they are easy to install and operate.

You can add to the system as the site develops. Once the construction is complete, simply move it to your new project.

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Simple and cost effective security for empty and void properties.

With the management of empty, void or vacant properties it is difficult to ensure they do not deteriorate or get damaged within reasonable budgetary constraints - Webeye’s battery powered and 100% wire free systems are a reliable and low-cost solution to monitor sites. Their portability means it can be deployed rapidly and moved around from site to site.

The indoor and outdoor PIRs have integrated cameras which generate 10 second video clips upon activation and sent directly to stake holders on their smartphones and/or web browser.

The power of webeyecms

If you integrate your alarm system into the award winning webeyecms cloud alarm platform you’ll pay just a small monthly fee to receive any alarm notifications and video clips from all your sites to your own mobile device or to a control room where an operator can view and manage alarms through a simple web browser (no expensive hardware or software required).

Genuine intrusions can be dealt with swiftly and false alarms can be ignored. webeyecms's full audit trail and unique escalation process gives highly efficient security management.

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Webeye provides tailored solutions for all vulnerable site locations

  • Construction sites
  • Void/vacant properties
  • Indoor and outdoor protection
  • Video verification
  • Eliminates false alarms
  • Mains free panel and devices
  • Up to 4 years battery life
  • Rapid deployment capability
  • Guard enhancement
  • Simple system arm/disarm
  • Cable free installation
  • Vehicle & fenced compounds
  • Substations / utilities
  • Cell towers
  • Remote facilities, mines, gravel pits
  • Agriculture
  • Solar farms
  • Copper theft
  • Industrial
  • Church roofs

Our products are easy to install and are backed by industry leading technical support.
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