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OCULiHD from Webeye.
Easy deployable all-in-one 4G 5MP security system

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Fast, easy deployment almost anywhere with outstanding image quality

OCULiHD’s rapid visual verification combined with webeyeCMS’s secure alarm delivery offers a complete and convenient security solution. OCULiHD is a battery powered, 4G wireless PIR motion sensor with integrated 5MP colour day/night camera and infrared illuminator.

A complete security solution for:
  • Illegal trash dumping hotspots.
  • Construction site security.
  • Gas and water utility sites.
  • Farm protection.
  • Vacant property protection.
  • CMS and ARC companies.

Once triggered OCULiHD with webeyeCMS delivers an alarm notification and a video clip to the right people within seconds

It provides rapid video verification of an alarm event using the award winning webeyeCMS cloud based platform. The webeye browser and mobile app provide an easy way to set up, monitor and control the detectors.

Notification of an alarm is sent to all recipients simultaneously and virtually immediately. If no one acknowledges the notification webeyeCMS re-sends the notification every 10 minutes for up to 2 hours or until someone confirms receipt.

Webeye provides full training in the installation and operation of OCULiHD and offers comprehensive customer support.

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Intruder detected by OCULi PIR camera
Alert and/or video sent from unit to webeyecms
webeyecms processes, distributes and delivers alert
Notification sent simultaneously to ALL stakeholders
Use the visual verification to catch the criminal
webeyecms keeps a record of time and date alert is answered

webeyeOCULiHD - The best protection for remote sites

British designed and manufactured battery powered 4G wireless PIR camera designed for enhanced 5MP visual verification and ease of use. The integration into the webeyeCMS alarm and monitoring platform transforms it into a complete security solution.

Key features

Easy to use, end-to-end security system

All-in-one unit configured with webeyeCMS that works out of the box for easy install and quick deployment.

Sited anywhere there is a network signal

Simply position in a discreet position then receive alerts via webeyeCMS to any configured mobile device or browser.

The world’s best cloud based security software

webeyeCMS brings additional capabilities to OCULiHD because it enables all events to be stored remotely and video can be viewed for up to 2 years.

Fully monitored 24/7, 365 days a year

We’ve fully automated the alarm process meaning you have around the clock coverage. The automation is inherently efficient and reliable.

Unique escalation and auditing process

Our patented PADARC process makes sure any notification gets through. It alerts ALL stakeholders immediately and we even keep a record.

Industry leading technical support

Any OCULiHD purchased from Webeye benefits from a dedicated technical support team armed with in-depth product knowledge.

High performance equipment with superior quality 5MP 2560x1944 colour video

  • The video starts filming in just a few milliseconds after detection ensuring that events are not missed
  • Unrivalled monochrome night-time clarity is achieved using powerful IR LED lighting
  • PIR detection range is 15 metres x 90º using a Quad Pyro Sensor and falls well within the camera’s field of view of 135º to ensure detected movements remain in view
  • Set up is easy using the webeyeCMS browser which can determine cell tower signal strength, battery level, camera view and PIR detection coverage. Sensitivity, pulse counting and gating are all remotely configurable
  • Quad pyro technology minimizes false alarms and ensures superior detection performance. OCULiHD is fully tamper protected with IR antimasking, 3 axis inertia sensing and enclosed tampers

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