for a safer world

Intelligent VSaaS cloud-hosted service platform that takes the hassle out of managing alarms

No software

All the amazing stuff sits on the cloud. No contract, just a pay as you go service that you only pay for when a system is commissioned.

No expensive

If you have a system approved by Webeye we’ll integrate it with your own smart devices for a fully professional alarm and monitoring solution.

No dedicated
receiving equipment

Webeye is the world’s first fully interactive cloud based security system that allows alarms and video to be received and handled from any internet-based computer, tablet or smartphone.

Complete security management
tool with full audit trail

You can structure the system so you can view how your security ‘estate’ is performing and it keeps an audit trail of who and when a notification was answered.

Integrated A.I.
for accurate verification

Improve alarm accuracy with the option of the CALIPSA False Alarm Filtering Platform which verifies human or vehicle activity.

Generates recurring

Installers, see your income grow by charging your customers a monthly fee for this automated monitoring service.

If you need to know, you need webeyecms

Once an alarm is triggered the information is sent to the alarm panel or DVR. The alarm and/or video is sent via the internet using various means depending on the system you operate. Once webeyecms receives the alarm it goes through unprecedented checks and balances to process and disseminate the information then notify the alarm recipients.

Notification of an alarm is sent to all recipients simultaneously and virtually immediately. If no one acknowledges the notification webeyecms re-sends the notification every 10 minutes for up to 2 hours or until someone confirms receipt.

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Burglar detected by motion viewer
Alert sent wirelessly to alarm panel
Alert and/or video sent from panel to webeyecms
webeyecms processes and automatically distributes and delivers alert
Notification sent simultaneously to ALL stakeholders
Use the verification to catch the criminal!

The benefits of webeyecms cloud automation

It is a powerful SaaS solution that is robust enough to perform the function of a monitoring station because of the way we’ve automated the alarm receipt, handling and alerting process. It enables alarms and video clips to go to keyholders/manned guarding teams out in the field and/or to a central location for monitoring via a web browser (with no up-front hardware costs).

  • Grow your business with your existing resourses.
  • An effective management tool to improve your competitiveness.
  • Optional CALIPSA that uses A.I and machine learning to verify alarms and stop you wasting time dealing with false alarms.
  • A low cost alternative / enhancement to a traditional monitoring station.
  • webeyecms is a low cost solution to meet the increasing demands faced by the security industry. The technology within webeyecms can handle a vast amount of data to quickly manage and deliver credible information from your security systems that is vital to maintain a successful business.
  • webeyecms is an easy to use system that puts the power into your hands because we believe as professionals, you are the best qualified to control your security ‘estate’.

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Calipsa False Alarm

Calipsa is a new feature in webeyecms that uses artificial intelligence to verify human or vehicle activity. Calipsa's alarm filtering platform is the global leader in false alarm reduction. It is an option within webeyecms that uses the latest machine learning technology to analyse video clips for human or vehicle activity.

If an intrusion is detected webeyecms sends the clip to Calipsa for verification. Calipsa checks for human or vehicle activity which, if confirmed, will display a verification tick within Webeye so you can easily prioritise alarms in your list.

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webeyecms can be a powerful management tool to enhance safety and improve your competitiveness.

Whether you're a CEO of a large multi-national corporation or a security guard out in the field the features within webeyecms enables you to work safer, smarter and more efficiently.

The platform is designed around a hierarchy management structure which can be tailored around your business needs so you’ll never miss an alarm notification.

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Automated total alarm management system for only a small monthly fee

  • Handles, processes then delivers alarms directly to any number of your own designated computers or mobile devices
  • Optional A.I. and machine learning to verify human or vehicle activity which drastically reduces false alarms
  • Patented PADARC* which sets the industry benchmark for fail-safe alarm delivery
  • Fully audited - so you know when and who has answered the alert
  • Doesn’t rely on ‘Send and Forget’ type technologies used by our competitors such as email or SMS
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Winner of more awards than any other cloud platform

Key features

Monitored security that puts you in control

Alerts and video

webeyecms sends a notification / short video clip directly to any number of designated smart phones or browsers.

The world’s fastest response

Once triggered a notification takes only a few seconds to reach your device.

Cloud storage

All events are stored and video events can be viewed for 2 years or longer if required.

Powerful management tool

webeyecms performs a useful management function. e.g. all information about your security ‘estate’ can be organized into a simple to view dashboard.

Monitoring Station 24/7, 365 days a year

We’ve fully automated the alarm receipt, alarm handling and alerting process. We’re inherently efficient and reliable because we’re not limited by human alarm operator capabilities.

Full audit trail

You can easily view your alarm history. The browser version not only tells you when an alarm was sent but also who viewed it.

100% reliability**

Large multi-national companies are now reaping the benefits and enjoying the efficiencies of using webeyecms.

The unique cloud-based process

Alarm signals are sent to load balancers. These route the signal to various servers which store the information. After processing the information is replicated across multiple servers at independent data centres for added security

PADARC is the unique and patented delivery technology used in webeyecms. It stands for Progressive Alarm Delivery And Response Confirmation. When an alarm is activated many systems send out an alert, but there is no intelligence employed to confirm it is received by the relevant people. webeyecms is different because it makes sure you receive the notification and will keep trying until you confirm you’ve received it.

  • Multiple techniques of alarm delivery used
  • webeyecms knows when an alarm has been viewed
  • Infinitely scalable. This means whether there is 1 recipient or 10,000 they can all receive the alarm notification simultaneously
  • Full audit trail. webeyecms keeps an accessible record of when and who received the alarm notification

The unique and patented technology in PADARC enables the notification to be PADARC distributed to an unlimited number of users

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