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A range of award winning services and leading integrations to enhance your business credibility, profitability and efficiency.


The intelligence built into the world's first fully cloud based alarm and monitoring platform has the power and resilience to change how you do business. We've done all the hard work so you don't have to!

Learn more how webeyecms can help your security business grow and become more efficient

Webeye and Hikvision

webeyecms is now integrated into Hikvision CCTV. This means you can now specify Hikvision with a smart alarm delivery solution that turns their leading video surveillance products in to an effective alarm solution.

Learn more how Webeye with Hikvision can reduce false alarms and improve alarm accuracy

Webeye and Videofied 4G

Protect sites without power with 100% wirefree security. Security and guarding companies are facing increasing time and financial restrictions. Visual verification is the solution to overcome these challenges.

Learn more how Videofied 4G from Webeye can be used to increase your effectiveness


Easy to install, all-in-one system that is battery powered making it ideal for remote sites. A total security solution has never been more cost effictive.

Learn more how OCULiHD 4G 5MP wirefree camera can increase site protection without damaging your bottom line

Webeye and Avigilon

When only the best will do you need Avigilon from Webeye. The world's most powerful, easy to use end-to-end, high-definition surveillance solution. When configured with webeyecms it brings additional benefits to make the system an even more efficient solution and ideal management tool.

Learn more how Avigilon from Webeye can protect your critical assets and help achieve greater results


In personal safety it is what our competitors fail to tell you that is most important. Lone worker protection is an important consideration for any responsible business owner.

Learn more how our webeyesos app can increase staff safety and confidence


webeyefog is a small device that connects to your visually verified alarm system that fills a room quickly with smoke which impairs vision and makes it impossible to stay. It is safe to use, does not stain furniture and will fill a room with dense smoke in seconds!

Intruders can't steal what they can't see!

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