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Videoguard using Webeye react quickly to apprehend vandal - saving $1,000s.

Videoguard uses Webeye as part of their strategic virtual guarding service. They have integrated traditional security guard services with Webeye technology to inform their state of the art command and control center.

In early February a subject wearing a mask entered a car dealership and began vandalizing numerous vehicles. Webeye triggered upon intrusion and sent an alert to VideoGuard monitoring who immediately called for police response while engaging the suspect over an intercom. Once the suspect was aware he was being actively monitored, he stopped vandalizing cars and fled the location. Our staff provided police with images of the suspect where he was quickly recognized and apprehended. There is no doubt the quick action taken, prevented thousands of dollars of damage to our customer’s property and helped apprehend the suspect before he could do it again.

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